Ink Illustrations 2015, Part 1

  •      All artworks are inspired from nature and its inhabitants.
         Limited Edition of Prints:
  • ''Snailing Away''
  • ''Whale City Dome''
  • Rabbit - ''I am what I eat, I eat what I am''
  • ''Ornamental Fish''
  • ''Botanical Composition - Planted''
  • Tortoise - ''Home is where I am. I am where home is.''
  • She said - ''At night when all else falls into a deep sleep. I dream.''
  • ''Aquatic Floral Fish''
  • ''Botanical Bird Composition''
  • ''Sleepless Night''
  • ''Flower Fish''
  • ''Nesting the Nest''
  • ''Botanical Butterfly Composition''
  • ''Tranquility'' 
    This is the only work in this collection that I have added digitally color.
  • Thank You for watching and appreciating! 
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    Have a lovely day!