Actitud Shoes / Spring - Summer Ad Campaign

  • For the Spring - Summer collection of ACTITUD Shoes, we developed a colorfull and fun campaign.

  • Actitud Shoes, approached us, for a third time to do a campaign for their brand. We decided to go with something girlier and more colorfull than what we had done in the past.

    We bought some colorful cloths for the back drop, we selected a contrasting wardrobe and got to shooting with help from our team. We designed each frame to require as little post production as possible we were on a tight schedule and with an ever tighter budget. Hours into the shoot things were working out perfectly but suddenly we got notice that that the Venezuelan Government had announced that the President (dictator) had died and that there were the country was in a state of emergency. 
  • Graphic elements
    "Today you will shine"
    "Create your own style"
    "Laugh, smile and be happy"
    "A girl with the right shoes can conquer the world"
    "Start thinking creatively about your onw style, don't be slave to trends. Never forget who you are"
  • We were stuck in our photoshoot as the threat of a riot grew and had to rush the production so we could get everyone home safely. We couldn't get out because violent thugs were outside the building and the military was looking to shoot down anyone so we would just have to wait it out and keep working. 
  • Store Graphics
  • Billboards
  • Once things calmed down we went outside to find the streets empty and a tangibles tension could be felt in the air.
    We always look back to this shoot, and see that it clearly represents what our profession had turned into in Venezuela, how we just wanted to make pretty colorful images and ended up fearing for our lives. We weren't graphic designers anymore we where graphic mercenaries and the campaign turned out great. 
  • Behind the scenes