Arctic Design Week — Festival Branding

  • Become an Explorer
    The event hosting city Rovaniemi is situated directly at the Arctic Circle. That is where the actual name of the event comes from. The Arctic Design Week is an internationally renowned design festival in the North of Finland. We consider the Arctic Design Week as something to be discovered by the people themselves in order to go through the Arctic exploration experience. For many people Arctic is something mystical and unknown. We want the people to take part in a fascinating journey to the Arctic Design and to become explorers themselves.

    Every year the Arctic Design Week has its own theme and visual appearance. Therefore the identity design should create a kind of framework to connect all these different styles in order to make the event more remarkable in a long-term – but still to allow room for visual approach for each single event. The axis of the earth has got an angle of 23,5°, which causes the extreme light conditions while summer and winter and consequently the temperature differences. That is why this angle is included as a central part of the visual identity. 

    Supervisors: Päivi Tahkokallio, Jan Leutola, Maxim Narbrough — University of Lapland 2015
  • The Arctic Design Week's logotype should be simple and clean, but also representing the rough and extreme conditions of the North: sharp and copped. The entire appearance is also a little mysterious and arcane. It is completely built with basic triangles following the idea of the 23,5° angle.