Extra terestri aristocrats

  • Facit extraterrestr habere democratia ?
    Aristocratia sunt gubernatur?
  • 3D printed Art-toy collection
    By Mani Zamani
  • Nameless princess
  • Sharkpasha
  • Duke the poet
  • Sharkpasha's pet
  • The Entertainer
  • Momo the birdcage
  • Color variations for the whole collection
  • From 3Dprint.com interview:
    “The technique of SLS printing allows me to visualize a subtle mix of clothing and alien skin, interwoven within each other depicting a certain aristocracy dominating the galaxy,” he tells us. “Whenever I see a fresh complex shape coming out of powder (SLS), I can’t help but feel that these powders are coming from another plant in the galaxy and inside there are these alien forms with unimaginable shapes. So I thought, ‘lets create a story about a group of aliens with familiar but complex outfit coming from the powder right to our living room’.”
  • Jewelry Pendants that represent the aristocrats characters are also available in my shop printable with precious and semi-precious metal for your loved ones