• Design for Communication without Words
  • On February 10th, Method hosted a workshop for the IxDA15, at Method San Francisco, we designed, developed and manufactured a tool that creates languages and removes the noise of interactions for non-screen based objects. We realized in the environment of IoT and devices without screens, we’ve lost empathy and emotion as tools for design.
  • We approached the design with an understanding that the focus should fall on the results rather than on the form factor. Henri needed to be a well designed, non-distracting form that showcased the team’s work. The behaviors being tested needed to be fun and instantaneously rewarding. The team accomplished this by using light, sound, color, rotation, and pulse to engage several senses simultaneously.
  • The workshop successfully saw teams work together in a very short amount of time; most participants had never thought of infusing personas into an object. They began to think from a unique perspective where the product needs to communicate more information to a person than just on, off or idle. What if it was angry, sad, or excited? Henri allows those concepts to be tested real-time, and enhance the overall capabilities of both the designer and the product.
    It helped people literally think outside of the box, and be productive while playing.
  • The ideia for the poster was reading only what matters without having to understand code, you can only see the message. We builded a plataform that only allow you to read when you were standing behing the red acrylic sheets. Switching by seeing the code or just the message.