StarCentre Development Group — Website Design

    I N T R O
    When the client came to me, he said that his company is not really big or well known on the
    market, but their experience is more than enough to challenge another players in the industry.
    They want and can make quantum leap and now it's time to have proper representation on the
    web. So the main idea was to create image of a trustworthy company that ready to create
    innovative and ambitious projects.
    C O N C E P T
    The main idea was to create a site that will be different from the other ones on the market.
    Because, the client is very flexible and want to build more courageous projects than
    competitors. That is why, I desided to make a site that will be felt like liquid — smooth
    transitions with no page reloads and minimalist look with blue accents.
    H O M E P A G E
    B U Y   P A G E
    R E N T   P A G E   H E R O
    I N V E S T   P A G E
    I T E M   E X P A N D E D   V I E W
     4 0 4   P A G E
  • L I N K S
  • All the photos used in this project are intended only to illustrate the idea
    and all the rights on them belong to their legal owners
    T H A N K   Y O U
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