LotR: War in the North Strength in Fellowship Campaign

  • Lord of the Rings: War in the North
    Strength in Fellowship Print Ad Campaign

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    This four page ad campaign was announcing new The Lord of the Rings game - War in the North. Client also want to use new images as Key Art to represent new product in several various ways: as printed and digital ads, magazine covers and press kit.

    Strength in Fellowship focuses on main heroes, three unique playable warriors - dwarf, elf and human. Desaturated, sinister, detailed graphic style with heroes closeups reflects M-mature rated game. As a key team member at MoreYellow I was responsible for art direction and illustration. I have combined few techniques but mostly photo retouching and photo-manipulation.

    Creative Director: Jordan Mauriello
    Art direction and digital artist: Maciej Hajnrich
    Client: Warner Brothers Games
    Agency: MoreYellow
    Character renders were supplied for design.
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