• A man has been living a lie for over 45 years. When a sudden Police Box drops by and calls for him, he slowly gets reminded of that fact. Sadly, it is too much to handle and he collapses inside this box. After a post Cameleon Arch transformational nightmare, the man is awakened by none other than himself. Making sure that he is bright and ready, he goes and remembers who he was, is and will be. In the end, he realizes where he is going. Where he always has been going. Home, the long way around...
    Music: Little Big Planet: Orb of Dreamers (The Cosmic Imagisphere) by London Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrew Skeet & Crouch End Festival Chorus
  • Bonus:
    I was able to work Babel Colour on a video for april fools.
    It features my voice as an annoyed narriator.
    It was a lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely way to work with him.
  • Bonus 2:
    I, once again, had the pleasure of working with Babel Colour again, but this time on the fourth installment of cult-classic "The Ten Doctors". It's a long going series of cutting and pasting to create a new story. I always watched it as a fan, and am proud to see part of me inside the final chapter. As you can see below, I've provided the CGI sequence of the faces hidden in the nebulas in space. A render without the added brilliance of Stuart Humphryes is also viewable down below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it.