AYIA CION / malama organic olive oil

  • The Briefing: " After years of living abroad, we decide to return to our home land and begin what our ancestors did for many years, with great success. We are going to produce high quality organic agricultural products. We are going to need an identity for our company & a packaging design for our very first product, the malama Ultra Premium Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All the products will only be sold abroad, we want the design to be & feel special. "
  • The Design: My clients asked for a sense of exclusivity which is rooted to the limited number of bottles that they produce due to the organic process. I decided to begin by do a research to the history of the little village, my clients are living & is going to be their company home. It was interesting the way the village took it's name, it was named by a Greek Orthodox picture of Holly Mary called Ayia Cion. I decided to use the name AYIA CION for their new company. I began to search for way to make a comeback to the roots but without being old fashioned. Using a picture of Holly Mary as a reference, I managed to create a shape of her form with embedded the letter "a" & "c" as they are on byzantine typography, combined it with the vertical bold font we get a nice and balanced logo. As the bottle was tall and skinny I wanted to find ways to use the vertical orientation for my typography on the label, in order to have all my informations in a single view. 
    The gold color was instinctively came to me since I heard the words exclusive & premium, combined with the printing technique & the texture of the paper we get a result that is truly unique, not only for the eyes but also for the touch.
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