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  • Variant
  • Thumbnail stage where the pencil doesn't stop moving. All ideas.
  • I wanted to go with an original'esque helmet because I knew a lot of people would expect the film version or an exact render of the Ultron's face. I grew up with comics and it is what started my love for art so I stuck with this style. 
  • I'm terrible with technology rendering or anything with a ton of detail. I knew that the detail on his body would just drown out anyways, so I did a basic body with helpful lighting effect. "When in doubt, black it out" - Todd McFarlane (who quoted someone else at the time haha)
  • As a McFarlane fan and someone who spent his time studying his work, I found a love of drawing hands and making sure they emphasized the emotion through it's gesture. I did it seperately because I could pay more attention to it and because my eyes get tired. 
  • Photoshop really helped out in this stage. Had a ton of fun with that dissolve option on brushes and gradients. 
  • One of the more fun stages and also most important stages.