Portuguese Flannel

  • Brothers Antonio and Manuel Magalhães, the 4th generation of a fabric manufacturing family in the north of Portugal, have decided to honor their Great Grandfather’s textile legacy and make their own straightforward, high-quality shirts using these premium cotton fabrics.

    Every material is sourced and every shirt is made in and around the city of Guimarães in the northern tip of Portugal, a region renowned for its textile heritage and known historically as the cradle of the country.
    Of course the most distinguishing aspect of flannel is it’s soft hand, and this is achieved through a labor-intensive processes involving the lifting up of the fiber ends, in which the expert weavers ‘nap’ the cloth using a meticulous brushing technique to create a long lasting material with that distinct smooth and cozy feel.

    For Portuguese Flannel, the Magalhães brothers have committed to use fabrics that are produced in the traditional way, selecting the finest ones from local for their shirts, eschewing any trends of the moment. Their inspiration comes from “the genuine people from both the coast and mountains, and their brave and challenging way of living.”


    The concept is based on the visual exploration of fearless, brave and courageous people.
    Value and honor the ancestral legacy of our ancestors, in various fields of knowledge, visually exploring the past with eyes in the future and the present moment.
    Restore the idea of raw materials, as something of exceptional value, spiritual and identifier of a culture of sea and land, of a "brave and immortal nation."


    The proposal focuses on a strong and dominant visual universe.

    - The brand is a combination of graphic elements that build a graphical environment that refers to Portugal transposing it to the world.

    - The visual experience leads the brand Portuguese Flannel to various typographic and visual compositions making it richer and more flexible, depending on the characteristics of applications and suports.

    - We designed various characters who obey the to concept defined: characters living from the land and the sea, and who represents activities that have a special and intimate relation with nature. 

    - The variety of different compositions along with the typographic choices used, reinforces a more versatile look and the dynamic character of the mark. 


    Different moods were developed, for different seasons and collections. They explore diferent environments, related to multiple attitudes or personalities. The product was photographed in specific mood sets, like a shelter on Marão florest in the fall/winter collection, or the atlantic sea in a sailing boat in the spring/summer collection. The idea was to taking advantage of the textures, light, and overall feeling of the scene, where the imagination and the feeling of each one, set the brand free.


    The brand was applied to catalogues, video teasers, packaging, website, labels, stationary, posters, mailing, and handmade silver keyrings.


    "We give you a new brand—Portugese Flannel. This is their flannel. Made in Portugal. It may look grunge, but it's damn near softest flannel we've ever felt".
    GQ's Picks From Market Week Fall-Winter 2015 article by Jake Woolf 

    "A brand that prides themselves on their use of traditional fabrics, made on – you guessed it, the coasts of Portugal, Portuguese Flannel present a great collection of shirts with a wide variety of prints and styles. With twenty options in total, you’re spoilt for choice". 

    "A brand-new label! Helmed by two brothers, Antonio and Manuel, the two decided to take their family’s generations-old fabric manufacturing company in a new direction. They only make button-down double-stitched shirts, napped with a special brushing technique, in soft cotton-wool fabrics, all manufactured in Portugal. The shirts come in a wide array of colors, with the plaids alternating in color and scale".
     "7 Promising Brands From the MAN Tradeshow in Paris" Bullet Magazine Article.


    Le Joy  – Photography
    Zeca Folhadela - Handmade silver keyrings
    Ana Fernandes
    Cláudia Salgueiro
    Marta Alburquerque
    António Magalhães e Manuel Magalhães

    – Cais Novo

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