Festa della Musica Torino 2015

  • Identity proposal for the 2015's edition of the music festival Festa della Musica Torino. The theme was "music sets you free, makes you fly" and the graphics intended had to be light, friendly, familywise. As this year's motto, I chose to communicate the phrase Musicalmente libera, which means mind freed by the music.
  • I made five illustrated characters, which I believe to be the main public of FDM: the ones who are in love with the music as an in-house hobby, as a free-fall escape, as a jump resource, as discipline or just as a fun game. They are supposed to be used together in the main manifesto and separately in the secondary applications.
  • Main poster
  • Secondary posters
  • Merchandising: t-shirt
  • Merchandising: button
  • Official programme booklet cover
  • Pattern for web use