Titelheld. CI / CD

  • Titelheld. develops video concepts for brands of the digitalized generation of companies as well as for experienced players on the markets. The start-up, founded in last year’s summer, offers its expertise in film production and visual storytelling that leads far away from proclaiming commercials and that attracts through emotional experiences with brands. 

    The CD development had to respect two main angles: first, the branding should circle around the core values “agility – authenticity – straightforwardness”. Second, the branding should cover the dynamics which conclude the basic business idea as Titelheld. is intended to be a network company. Not in the sense of traditional agency networks but in the sense of a truly participative corporate culture that perpetually integrates more and more talents and business models. This kind of agility brings Titelheld. so far that even the original business model as a marketing agency should be overcome and evolves into another innovative company.