'Anglian Water' Promotional Exhibition Boards

    These are large exhibition boards designed for the Rutland Water Visitor Centre as part of Anglian Water's 'Love Every Drop' campaign. The boards were designed in Illustrator in three sections leaving space for plasma screens with promotional videos on how families can save water. They were then printed in three sections for the Visitor Centre and installed on to the walls in full colour. Brand guidelines were adhered to at all times with type, images and colours etc, everything was important down to the finest detail.
    More large exhibition boards I designed for the Rutland Water Visitor Centre as part of Anglian Water's advertising strategy. This wall section was again designed and printed in three sections and installed in the Visitor Centre. This was also used as a graphical device to help visitors navigate their way around Rutland Water Park whilst highlighting some key areas.
  • There were different boards of various sizes due to the requirements of positioning during installation.
  • Illustrated key points and map areas around Rutland and Grafham Water Parks were also provided.
  • Below is an illustrated background that I created for a display unit at Rutland Water. The background shows a fictitious excavation and is the backdrop to a real 1400 year old female skeleton unearthed in the grounds of Rutland Water named Edith Weston, close to Normanton Church.
    This exhibition backdrop was created with 3 layers of hi resolution photos, I then manipulated with opacity and sharpen tools in Photoshop to look as real as possible. The floor, the ceiling and the walls are all separate photos with drop shadows and blending. Then the final details were added to tie in with the real dig, items such as the shovel, rocks and some mud.
    I was also tasked at various times to produce graphics for smaller exhibition boards that would serve as 'exploration tables' for visitors to the various centres.
    The first is a mock-up of various insects and other species of human or animal nature so that visitors could know what to expect when travelling around Rutland Water Park.
    The second exploration board was created to show the various knots that are commonly used during watersports, this board had real knots attached to the boards as examples.
    The third exploration board was designed as an informational graphic to explain more about Fly Fishing. Anglian's brand colours were used to highlight each illustration.