• Who’s afraid of the Internet?
    Phishing, viruses and other threats can undermine your surf, unless you slay them with some more awareness about that. In 2012 only 50% of the Italian population used Internet, yet with lot of caution and unease.
    In this survey we showed which are the threats people are usually afraid of, and how much and why they’re concerned about them.

    Work made with:
    Nicoletta Bruno
    Sara Perozzi 
    Jacopo Pompilii
    Andrea Tagliabue

    Martina Cocco

    Here's the full project online:
    Don't fear it and take a look

    Ipad version:
    "Don’t fear it” was featured in the December issue of la Vita Nòva,
    the award-winning online magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore.
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