Personal Branding Project

  • My logo came about at the end of four years of Graphic Design education, but is a tribute to my first branding project at university, where I chose to create a branding system for the inventors of the hot air balloon, the Montgolfier brothers. During my research, I found out that the first passengers of the hot air balloon were a sheep, a duck, and a rooster. The image of a sheep being carried around by a balloon was immediately imprinted itself into my head.  Furthermore, I sometimes feel the rather pleasant sensation of being carried around and simply observing things, rather than actively participating in my surroundings.  This logo is thus quite an accurate representation of myself.
    The stationery collection I have created lends itself to displaying my illustration skills in addition to my graphic design skills, through compartments that act as windows to my illustration. These can be changed to reflect my latest illustration projects, without changing the overall layout of the stationery.