Placemaking at Massey University Library

  • Breaking Traditional Stigmas 

    Massey University is New Zealand’s biggest university. Recently, the Wellington campus library underwent a significant architectural redevelopment. Along with Athfield Architects, we were briefed to help redefine the library and help create a space relevant for current users. Working closely with the architects and library staff, the concept of a ‘library’ was reinvented, redesigned and ultimately redefined. Helping the library to reclaim it’s relevance in the 21st century.

  • Floor to ceiling graphics and a minimal, flexible wayshowing system has helped position the library as the hub of the Wellington campus.
  • Workshops provided insight into how the range of users want to access and navigate the collection.
  • Macro and micro levels of wayfinding allow users to navigate the collection while allowing enough flexibility for the system to be rearranged as necessary.
  • Te reo Maori and English were equally integrated into the solution. English being used for factual information such as toilets and shelf contents while Te Reo Maori gets used as a placemaking component.