Gzub Craft Brewery - Beer Design

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  • Gzub

    Great new beer
    for good old times.

  • Gzub asked us for branding and label designs for their craft brewery. The company was very proud of the high quality of their product, brewed in Belgian Brasserie De Bastogne. Though the production was abroad, they were very tempted by the idea of visual communication based on the old school of the polish label design. And so we created a brand, which was a huge surprise for many.

  • The name can be loosely translated into "beer belly" or "stripling"

    in the subdialect of the Greater Poland voivodeship in Poland. This type of naming wasn’t uncommon during the second half of the 20th century, which time the brand was to emulate. And though it gave us clear direction in which the design was to follow, we wanted to reach a balance with the more contemporary clientele. This is how the brand hero came to life – a proud, charismatic, confident, and a bit cheeky hop cone.

  • The design brings back nostalgia, and the olden times work best for the imagery. The brightness of colours and the feel of the paper made Gzub one of the most original craft beers on the market.

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