Papacho's, a restaurant owned by famous chef Gaston Acurio, open its new place in the Jockey Plaza, a mall in Lima, Perú. Once again, it is committed with organic and handmade cuisine and seeks to prove that "everything can be hamburgered".
    Our work in this project was the creative concept direction and the supervision of interior spaces.
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    General Manager: Gastón Acurio
    Manager: Juan Enrique Caycho
    Cuisine Manager: Diego Alcantara
    Arquitecture: V&V - Veronica Pereira & Vivianne Nathan
    Concept Direction: Jumping Lomo
    Graphic Design edition: Jumping Lomo
    Interior Design: Jumping Lomo
    Featuring artist: Carga Maxima / Israelo Mundo Papel / Italo Flores / Franz Zorrilla / G.Fajardo
    General Production: Angelit Meza
    Photography: Ines Menacho / Jumping Lomo files