Typeforce 2 Exhibition Catalogue

  • Typeforce 2 is both a catalogue of typographic artistry, and a recount of the gallery reception experience. Broken up into three distinct sections, we set out to mesh a sense of tradition and energy through colorful visual cues; the motivation (blue sections), the substance (full color printing), and the experience (red printing).

    To promote a sense of unique experience, interaction and ownership a hand-affixed, perforated tear seal was applied to the cover so each copy was delivered fresh and intact. The cover was designed with functionality in mind. The divided strips of imagery from each artist, 25 in total, acted as the table of contents for the book. The strips on the cover corresponded to the strips on each artist's spreads. In this way the viewer was able to quickly scan the book's upper forage, line up the strips and jump to the desired section. Within each artist's spread, this strip defined the space for the title spread leading into the work.

    See the Typeforce 2 Title Wall installation process video and project here.

    See the first Typeforce Catalogue here.

    This project was a collaboration between Will Miller, Darren McPherson, Nick Adam, Ohn Ho, Firebelly Design and Co-Prosperity Sphere. Exhibition and event photography by iShootRockStars (Kyle LaMere). Paper stocks generously donated by Unisource Paper and printing donated by Graphic Arts Studio.