Into the Geometric Wild

    Some time ago I published a project with animal pictures I've been taking the last years, I loved most of the pictures I got, but I wanted to go a step further, I wanted to do some illustrations of this pictures, and stack it together to combine photography + illustration, but I wanted to make the illlustrations in the simplest way, with geometric forms, and I love triangle shape, and I've seen some illustrations using this technique and I loved them, so I wanted to try!
    First I started with the outline of the animal form, and then I filled it with triangles that fit correctly all together, drawing them one by one, and once I've finished the triangles I've started to fill it with color one by one to be sure that any color is repeated in the triangles that are together, I've used the original colors of the picture to get armony in all the entire artwork. Also I've tried to give volume to the drawing, using dark or lighter tones in key areas.
    That was a lot of work, but I'm very happy with the final result! I hope You enjoy it!
    [This work is in progress, I'll upload more illustrations of other animal pictures I've done.]
  • canvas, prints, stationery cards, smartphone cases, laptop skins, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, clocks and other stuff!