From Concept to Final Artwork - My Skillshare Class

  • I have published a class on Skillshare - Illustrate a Sporting Scenario: From Concept to Final Artwork. 
    In this class you will learn my whole process from concept sketching, shape building, brush settings, shading and color correction, so that you can create your own favourite sporting moment. 
    Can't wait to see you there!
    The first 25 students enroll for free using this link:
  • What You'll Learn
    Choose a sporting moment. We will discuss on how to choose a match of which we will create the artwork, and what are the key things we consider while choosing it.
    Create concept sketch. We will create a concept sketch to set the composition that briefly tells the story of the match.
    Define color palette. Based on the moment's mood, emotion & surrounding, we will create a color palette.
    Create basic shapes in Photoshop. The shapes will be the foundation for our character. I will show how to use the pen tool in Photoshop.
    Add texture using brush. I will show how to leverage Photoshop’s default brush and create a custom brush to add depth to the characters.
    Color adjustment. Finally we will do some color adjustment to fine tune the artwork.