Yum yum food fun

  • This isometric piece was created purely for fun but it made us SERIOUSLY hungry, many Jaffa Cakes were consumed during the making!! It was made using a variety of media that included 3D, Vector and airbrushing. As usual our attention to detail was crazily high with hundreds of pips in each piece of jam and even isometric crumbs coming from the cake slice!

  • Nice isometric crumbs here!

  • We also created three French chefs, René, Gerrard and Didier. (Didier is the one on the right) As you can see they are busily at work creating ze parfait isometric cake! Délicieux.

  • We had so much fun creating this piece and are very happy with the results.
    If you fancy a slice of the A.k.A treatment give us a shout, we might even throw in a slice of cake.