CRM system for Atelier Marsel Robert

    Atelier Marsel Robert — atelier of elite watches' straps.

    It's difficult to work with a paper data base of clients and watches' straps. And impossible to scale and integrate this data base with other on-line products. 

    Creating straps — complicated and specific process, which needs to analyze individual parameters of each client: watch model, parameters of strap and buckle, client preferences. 

    Create CRM system, which automatize connection between clients, managers, tech-director and masters.
    This system gives:
    - processing of incoming orders;
    - fill out the data base;
    - distribution orders to masters and control order execution;
    - communication between colleagues; 
    - add as many managers and masters as it's needed;
    - integrate with apps and web-sites.

    • Analyze of business-process, data, roles of each persona and their needs.
    • UX-design of interfaces for managers, tech-director, masters.
    • UI design.
    Browse orders
    Chat inside every order
    We designed many other interfaces and functions
    Vitaly Fedosov (UX, UI, art-direction)
    Terekhov Denis (tech-direction)