The Gardens of Imagination: The Forest Set

  • The Gardens of Imagination:
    hand-painted forest for Reval Denim Guild
  • ———
    In the gardens of Imagination
    we create ourselves and the surroundings
    which constantly change for our own amusement.
    The gift lies in noticing.
  • Art Direction Sten Karik, Joan Hint, Peep Vähi
    Cinematography Christian Johannes Kask 
    Post Production Johannes Arro
    Artist Liisa Kivimäe
    Music Karl Kraffa
    Face Ellen Walge 
    Hair Maria-Liisa Tehver
  • Three years ago I made a small cardboard forest diorama that I loved very much.
    Now it has grown into a life-sized forest (filled with ethereal creatures)
    for a collaboration with a stylish Estonian clothing brand Reval Denim Guild.
    Acrylics on plywood // 6 layers // Front view 3 x 4 metres // 2014
  • The trees have been cut from plywood after my drawings + supports have been affixed. Waiting for the paint.
    Photos: Reval Renim Guild & my own
  • Test assmbly with bare plywood surface.
  • First coating. Lucky to have the helping hands!
  • All nice and white!
  • My sketch for the forest.
  • Painting the treetrunks and leaves, ferns and moss, mushrooms and grass...
  • Finishing touches.
  • All set up for filming: lights + fog.
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Action!
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