NOVUM 11/11

    Novum 11/11 - Making of Cover

    For the cover of the November issue we and our cooperation partners have pulled out all the stops to produce something very special. In 48,000 passes and with 140 extremely detailed die cuts per magazine, we created six differently coloured versions of the cover, without exposing the plates again each time. The result is a metamorphosis of paper, inspired by the one and only Richard Buckminster Fuller.
  • Idea and Design
    Carolin Rauen, Max Kuehne

    Max Kuehne

    Camera & Cut
    Zaky Ziegler

    Michael Pfeiffer

    Rosie And Me – Bonfires

    printarena (
    Iggesund (
    Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik (
    EMAG Papierveredelungs GmbH (