Telekom - Gallery in the sky


    Every day 500 million photos are shared on the Internet.
    It’s no wonder that even the memorable ones remain invisible!  But the pictures that have a special place in people's hearts
    deserve a special place to be shared.

    Telekom presents: Gallery in the sky.
    We organized the first interactive exhibition, where people could print pictures on the sky.

    We invented the flying photo printer by combining light painting, drones and Hungary’s fastest 4G mobile network. The pictures became visible on smartphones using slow shutter mobile camera applications.
    Our idea had a magical effect: it inspired creativity, pride, tribute and even marriage proposals.

  • Awards:
                  Webby awards - nominee 2014
                  Cannes Cyber lions - shortlist
                  Festival of Media Global Awards 2014
                  PIAF - Audience engagement - shortlist 2014
                  PIAF - Creating the media - shortlist 2014
                  Gold Blade - digital gold
                  DDB Budapest