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  • Vintage and Eroded Font by shirāz & dāryān
    This is a free font designed by shirāz & dāryān. You can download it from the
    link below. It can be used in commercial or personal works and we would love
    to see what you did with them.

  • Alphabet 

  • Numbers
  • Punctuation & General typography

  • Comments that made us happy! :)

    @Marcin Kordacki
    “My wife is in love with this so am I ;)”

    “ In memory of the incidents of Paris this 
    year the designer played wih flowers and beautiful 
    ornaments to give the situation it’s peace back.”

    Christian Goldemann
    (goldesign.de) 02/20/2015 

    “ This is obviously not
    an everyday type, but  one that will be used for
    very special occasions like your good jewelry. ”

    Noor AlQahtani
    (nooralqahtani.com)  01/01/2015 


    Thanks to all who featured
    us in their website, it was truly a pleasure. 

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    Free for Personal and Commercial use
    8 TIFF images and 8 JPGs
    Alphabet + Numbers + Punctuation & General typography +
    Umlauts and eszett in Deutsch

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