Poster for Short Film [고등어(Mackerel Fish)]

  • Film's title is <고등어 mackerel fish> 
    It consists of three different episodes about normal, everyday person.
    Each episode, mackerel fish is key to relationship between characters in film.
    Director said her intention is 'Things can differ depending on each individual's viewpoint and situation'
     These is still cut and rough images for  poster of short film <고등어 mackerel fish>
  • First story 
    The story of old lady who fall in love with building janitor.
    She cook mackerel fish and pack a lunch for building janitor to express her love.

  • Second story
    The second story is about poor and lonely young persons.
    He moving to smaller room than he used to live and he move his stuff alone using chair, so he could bring only minimum stuff. It shows he is poor and lonely guy live in big city
  • Her ambition is to become an actress but she only has small part in low budget film.
    While she eating fish for dinner, she feel she can't contro`l her life by herself likes fish she eating.
  • Third story
    It is about mother and daughter's relationship. Sometimes they argue for trivial reasons but they make up with each other during the meal.
  • 01.  focused on 'Things can differ depending on each individual's viewpoint and situation' 
    Each characters are connected by mackerel fish, but they are experiencing difference feeling and ideas.
    02. simple styles. This inspiration from illustrated book of fish.
    03. parody of Jaws's poster
    <Finished illustration>
  • Fish illustration for poster :)
    Thank you :)