Chinese Beauties

  • Xi Shi is another one of “Four Classic Chinese Beauties”. Usually considered the fairest among other beauties, she was living in country Yue which was conquered by Wu kingdom at the time. She was given to the ruler Wu as a present from sneaky Yue to persuade her master to get rid of Wu’s most brilliant counselor so that Yue could get back its freedom. She is known as Tay Thi in Vietnam and considered to be of Vietnamese origin. She was so beautiful that when she was looking at fish in the pond, they forgot how to swim and drowned.
  • Wang Zhaojun is one of “Four Classic Chinese Beauties” who had to leave her home in order to get herself in an arranged marriage. Legend has it that when she was singing a sad song and playing music, a flying goose heard it and was so charmed by Wang’s beauty and devastated by her song that he fell on the ground not being able to fly. So people call Wang Zhaojun “she, who stops flying birds”.