Theatre Vanemuine Identity

  • Theatre Vanemuine is one of the oldest and biggest theatres in Estonia. During its more than 145 years of functioning, Vanemuine has worked with a great deal of Estonia's best actors, performers, singers, artists and musicians. The theatre`s repertory consist of drama, classical ballet, contemporary dance, opera, operetta and musical. Vanemuine is a unique theatre in Estonia because only there you can see three main theatre genres side by side.
    Like so many theatres out there, Vanemuine has also used image of masks on their logo. In addition to that, they also used colour red quite often on their designs. These were the components which had to be preserved because the audience had embraced these elements during so many years. The most important task during the identity update was to preserve the important elements while achieving a new, fresh, contemporary look. The new identity also had to be easy to use in various mediums. The masks and also the principles of composition had to be refreshed. The result is a new and fresh graphic system which has strong connection to the previous look and which adapts easily with theatres many different aspects. The new identity has been accepted very well and it makes the communication between the theatre and audience a lot smoother.
    Back in the day, as a boy, I sometimes used to hang out in Vanemuine with my father, who used to work in the theatre and spent so many exciting hours there. All this interesting buzz behind the curtains! Thats why I have a really good personal connection with the place. Even before I started to update the graphical identity of the theatre, I already had a pretty good idea of which direction to head. The working process was relaxed and this project turned out to be a very pleasant, fun and interesting experience.