• Docks Seafood
    (the client)

    Founded in 1955 in Queen Ann, Seattle. Docks Seafood at first was family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing the healthiest protein on the planet. Docks Seafood manages all parts of the supply chain from harvesting/fishing to processing,   and distribution in order to provide customers with fresh, sustainable, high-quality products. Docks Seafood Group is head quartered in Seattle, Washington. We employ more than 500 team members across 20 facilities in 2 states and still growing.
    Develop a full rebranding, consisting of logo mark, packaging and website. Reflecting Docks Seafood value's and business ethics within the industry with a detail-oriented design.

    The full branding was designed to show case the brand’s professionalism through a rigorous clean yet some what modern and playful aesthetic. A white backdrop oscillates between red and splash of subtle of cream accent. For this project, we opted for a book, complimented by sans serif type. Docks Seafood started as a family owned business many decades ago, for that our aim was to keep some of that vintage feeling in the branding. We incorporated few retro illustrations in key area's that make this brand have that extra touch. The Website and its interactive structure was intended to be well-organized, neat, allowing a simple and navigation.