• Understanding that this particular production won't happen til several years from now. I couldn't help myself to show my creative appreciation with a GOTG II vector tribute.

    Cheers and enjoy~
    Created with
    Apple Imac + Adobe Illustrator CC + Wacom Intuos4
    NO Gradient Mesh, NO PLUGINS, NO BULL
  • Above: Vector Outlines
  • Above: Vector Anchor Points
  • I rather show up with gifts, than empty before my trip to meet up with Marvel and James Gunn for the Press release party for Guardians ( now available in HD / Blu-Ray Dec. 9) , I created these 3,1 of Kind ( 1:1) vector hand transfers on wood.
  • At Marvel Entertainment Studios ( Burbank, Ca ) - Great to meet up with great friends!
    Me • and my two friends - Writer/Director James Gunn - Don Thompson ( Principal of the Poster Posse)
    and yes, that AWESOME Tee shirt Don is sporting is the artwork of my Poster Posse brother Matt Ferguson.
  • We had 4 cameras taking pictures at the same time. It's not the flashes from the cameras, but more likely my  expression has more to do with the fact I had Waaaay too much Coffee! :) LOL!!!
  • ABOVE: Final Vector- GUARDRIANS II
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