Pure Amateur Photography

  • *photography*
    I'm not a professional photographer (obviously) :p - I am an amateur and I literally take pictures of everything! You can see more at: https://www.instagram.com/joannajelly/?hl=el
  • *A Greek who loves Berlin in New York*
    This photo was voted as one of the  best  twelve between 3.000 others photographs in a travel photo contest 
    by the Travelogue magazine (Greece).
  • Baby you can drive my car!
  • Don't turn the lights on, cause tonight I want to see you in the dark!
  • Cliff is high enough out here
    The rocks look hard, the air is clear
  • it was always you, Helen
  • The blue Hotel
  • Summer of '69
  • The little house on the prairie 
  • I shouldn't smoke 
  • Lets's dance - David Bowie
  •  The world is prettier in the dark 🌴
  • Under the coconut tree
  • Always on a travel mood
  • Paris je t'aime
  • Cadillac blues
  • Someone, somewhere, in summertime
  • Cracker - The Big Dipper
  • Cocktail - Nalyssa Green