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  • Head figure uprising form the white liquid represent universe that cries compassion and offering wisdom of the heart. Inside of his form is emptiness of the universe, the substance from which are we all made. The beings are taking off the thoughts from his head, so the one can be empty without prejudices, understanding with the wisdom of the heart.
    “ To be a garden of diversity keep your minds richly EMPTY and the hearts in flame, then the universe will be on yoUr Side.“  Šumski :}
  •           The Cypris Morpho (Morpho cypris) is a Neotropical butterfly. 
         For this one I have chosen female figure as the object of the transformation.
         What we are missing in this  patriarchal society is female energy, so let us evolve into more balanced world. 
  • The three kings as in the Bible are giving gifts to the King wich is eating dreams {the shooting star}.
    They are capitalists that offers their own lives and the lifes of their children in exchange for power.
    Spirits of the nature are watching this tragedy without interfering.
    If we can really understand that what's important is love than other really is possible. 
  • It depicture a structure of the civilisation. The King is taking care for entire city and other beings are supporting him, it's a circle of how a civilisation is running. They together are going to the some common vision. Many questions are left behind, like what is this dream that we can all share and be totally free in the same time?
  • {above is within}

    It is a free universe, here you can travel in all directions, there are actually no directions here. No future, no past, no north, no south, everything's reflected within the moment. The beings that are sailing through this landscape in the blue body canoes are representing the inner fire that lead us across the limitations of the physical experience, above fear, guilt, envy, hatred...

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  • Exhibition | Artistic pavilion Juraj Šporer, Opatija, Croatia.