"Shadows" - Tribute to Francis Bacon

    The project is a collaboration between Pawel Nolbert and Lukasz Murgrabia to re-imagine
    the 1972 triptych from Francis Bacon, known for his abstracted figurative painting.
    His art inspired us to reintroduce the abstract figures from the painting and its geometric, nondescript environment, using photographic and digital techniques.
    While the original is an oil on canvas painting and a personal piece of art, the remake is not
    a direct interpretation of Bacon's work, putting the focus on aesthetic and form - trying to capture the transformation - the death, flesh and disintegration.
  • some detail shots 
    We tested and utilized different approaches to achieving the abstract forms and distortions, including creation of resin form of the model’s face. In the end during the photo-shoot, we mainly focused on a stylisation directly on a model and used make-up as a base and reference for further digital manipulation. The model was shot in a real custom-built space, resembling the one from the painting.
    Also, we played with and shot a number of blobs, liquid forms and spills to create some effects.
  • Photography: Murgrabia
    Post production, digital art: Pawel Nolbert
    Make-up, set design: Joanna Szołtysek
    Model: Andrzej Wolf