Fifth Wall – exhibition design

  • Žilvinas Kempinas Exhibiton
    at M0 Project Space of Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest, Hungary
    Curator: Lívia Rózsás

    Műcsarnok is the first to feature the Lithuanian-born artist in Hungary, who now presents two installations.

    Kempinas uses magnetic tapes from video cassettes in almost all of his installations, which fill the exhibition spaces, take them over in their entirety. Originally a medium to store sequences of images, the tape is objectified in Kempinas’ three-dimensional works, becomes a line drawn in space.

    Employing a minimalist apparatus, the ephemeral, yet monumental works are so weightless they are almost non-existent, as in the case of the Fifth Wall that is raised in M0. The parallel order of the thin black tapes, originally a recording media for pictures and sound, has a different appearance from every angle; air currents keep changing the installation, lending an impressionistic character to the constantly vibrating work.