(Concept, branding & packaging of the new world of beauty)
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    Η εταιρεία φυσικών προϊόντων "Dovilleka" είναι μία νέα επιχείρηση στην Αθήνα η οποία παράγει 100% φυσικά καλλυντικά και γενικότερα προϊόντα ομορφιάς για όλες τις ηλικίες. Εμπιστεύτηκαν το δημιουγικό μας γραφείο για το branding, την εταιρική τους ταυτότητα και παρουσία, το σχεδιασμό των συσκευασιών, της ιστοσελίδας αλλά και του πρώτου καταστήματός τους.
    Η ιδέα και η στρατιγική σχεδιασμού βασίστηκε στο να κινηθούμε σε σύγχρονο και καθαρό σχεδιαστικό στύλ. Το λογότυπο της εταιρείας έχει ως σύμβολο το γουδοχέρι, αφού ακόμα και σήμερα είναι το μέσο / εργαλείο για τη δημιουργία χειροποίητων καλλυντικών. Καλώς ήλθατε σε έναν νέο κόσμο ομορφιάς.
    “Dovilleka” is a newly established natural cosmetics company located in Athens, which produces 100% natural ingredient cosmetics along with several other beauty products, suitable for all ages. Our designing office has been trusted to create a new brand, along with its logo, corporate id, packaging, website, and last but not least, its very first lab / shop.
    The original idea and designing strategy was to use a modern and “neat” style. The logo though comprises a traditional symbol, indicating homemade cosmetics since nowadays, a mortar with a pestle. Welcome to a whole new world filled with beauty!
    You can visit the website here
    The Logo & the symbol
  • “The magical frame”
    The idea of using a frame as a design element, was that it would define a space by itself and that it would at the same time lead the buyer to focus on that specific space. Thus, we integrated the frame to the corporate id, hoping it will become a trait that buyers recognize and connect directly to the brand “Dovilleka” in the future.
    We can imagine the frame focusing on a specific part of the body that “Dovilleka” products are bound to work their “magic”. This is an idea we are planning to use on advertising.
    The “magical frame” design was based on that particular idea applying to the whole on the company id and especially on packaging. Looking at the frame, buyers are able to find easily all the information needed about the products and their ingredients.
    It’s magical!
    We can stretch it, cut it, shrink it, make it move or apply it to any designing process, depending our needs.
    The Font
  • Business Cards
  • The Notebooks
  • The Shopping Bags
  • Pattern decorations
  • The Packaging
  • More & more & more of packaging!
  • Web Design
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