Global Dispensing

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  • Global Dispensing is an international end-user oriented dispensing solutions provider. They provide product design and tooling-solutions focused on the thermoplastics industry.

    Services like Product Design & Engineering; Tooling & Automation; Molding & Assembly are the three main pillars of the company. They mainly serves the market for household, personal care, baby care, food and beverages, and dispensing products for intensive commercial application eg. in the airport. They produce products, for example wet tissue boxes, shampoo bottles, sprays/pumps, etc. They have the prospect to create own products for stock sales, as provide unique specific products to client with diverse range of standard dispensing products.

    The new identity of Global Dispensing will focus on the end-user product relationship and appeal, while continuing to innovative plastic dispensing product to remain cost competitive and meet high quality expectation from the consumers. Hence, the brand visual has to reflect the innovation and professionalism
    they deliver to the end user. 
  • Deliverables: Logos, Brand collaterals, Product renderings & presentations, Marketing materials, User Experience and Interface, eCommerce website