Festen. Lava Lake Collection.

  • Lava Lake – Festen is a collection of several objects: paintings on canvas, gif-files, hand-painted porcelain and textiles. What brings them together is a grid motif of red lines that form a vibrating and moving spot. This structure – folded, rugged and slotted – is once an abstract ornament, and another time a base for figurative representations. In this living “fleshy” tissue, there appears a gap revealing the raw surface of the object: canvas, porcelain or textiles. This gap in the pattern encourages the viewer to look beyond the illusion, under the surface of the image.
    © GOSIA HERBA 2014
    Festen. Lava Lake Collection will appear at the "Polish Design: in the Middle of" exhibition as part of Dutch Design Week 18-26.10.2014 TAC (Temporary Art Centre) Eindhoven
    Check out paintings of this series and GIF files.

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