S a r e k • Part I

  • S a r e k  N a t i o n a l p a r k
    Part I - A trip
  • Sarek National Park (Swedish: Sareks nationalpark) is a national park in the Jokkmokk Municipality of Lapland province, northern Sweden. It borders two other national parks: Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta. Sarek is popular with hikers and mountaineers but is not appropriate for beginners.
    The national park is roughly circular with an average diameter of about 50 kilometres (31.07 mi). It has no marked trails, no accommodations, and only two bridges aside from those in the vicinity of its borders. The area is among the most rainy in Sweden, making hiking dependent on weather conditions. It is also not uncommon to encounter streams that are turbulent and dangerous to wade across without proper experience.
  • We started our tour in Kvikkjokk on the southern edge of Sarek. Seven days we walk 90 km through the Sarek without trails. The weather was fickle, but mostly it stayed dry. But now, i will show u my pictures of the trip.
    • CANON 7D • EF-s 10-18mm •
     67° 6'56.23"N, 17°36'34.46"E
  •  67° 9'10.86"N, 17°28'8.11"E - N j o a t s o s v á g g e
  • 67° 8'58.54"N, 17°21'21.24"E - L å p t å v á g g e
  • 67° 7'55.45"N, 17°29'31.37"E - N j o a t s o s v á g g e
  •  67° 0'11.49"N, 17°33'13.39"E
    67° 6'56.23"N, 17°36'34.46"E
  •  66°59'55.06"N, 17°34'13.99"E - T a r r a  K a i s e
  • K v i k k j o k k  -  J o k k m o k k   -   S a h k o k
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