Hero Brand image for Lighthouse8

  • Unique brand image for Lighthouse8
    Our latest creative expression came in the form of a striking photographic image using lightpainting, which is creating light shapes using a very slow shutter speed.
    We knew that we wanted to create a bold, eye-catching image that conveyed Lighthouse8's brand name and logo, but in a totally unique way.
    Painting with Light
    The main element of difference for this campaign was the idea of using lightpainting to simulate the concept of a 'beacon of leading light' – Lighthouse8's position in providing Digital Strategy.
    An Iconic Sydney Location
    Finding the best location to simultaneously visualise Lighthouse8's icon, as well as showing off the best harbour views in Sydney was the challenge. We settled on beautiful Hornby lighthouse at South Head.
    We're thrilled how it turned out! To see it in action check out their homepage www.lighthouse8.com