Living with a Dragon | The Trailer

    Nucco Brain Studio in collaboration with Book On A Tree is immensely proud to
    LIVING WITH A DRAGON has been developed from the collaboration of the writing
    talents of best-selling kids and young adults Author, Pierdoménico Baccalario, and
    Kids TV Series Writer, Lee Walters.
    LIVING WITH A DRAGON has been written with the intention of re-imagining and
    further developing the book IP into family based full animated content for the
    transmedia generation with a focus on storytelling for ages 7+.
    Immerse yourself in the endearing adventures of Nina, a girl who lives in land (not
    so) far away, in a castle with her Mom, the Princess, and her stepdad,
    a big-hearted, lovable Dragon.

    Creator: Pierdomenico Baccalario
    Director/Producer: Stefano Marrone
    Screenwriting: Lee Walters
    Animation Supervisor: Pedro Allevato
    Lead Animator/ Character Rigger: Adriano Vessichelli
    Storyboard Artist: Vincenzo Lamolinara
    Illustration/background designer:
    Francesca Tabasso/ Valentina Lorizzo
    Character Designer: Francesca Tabasso
    Project Management / Graphic Design: Ginevra Bernabò/Thomas Gutteridge
    Creative Producer: Lucia Vaccarino