We entertain to love you

  • We entertain to love you - Disko Theater
    Poster Artwork
    During April 2014 there were several events all over the city of Würzburg dealing with the literary work of Leonard Frank, whose capitalism- critic romans / essays are more than ever actual in those days.
    Over a few weeks Frank's famous "Der Bürger" was performed on stage at the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg as first part of a double- show evening. The second show was an independent play written by Maria Vogt and Dominik Meder, which took place in the nightclub Kurt & Komisch as an interactive and contemporary prosecution. "We entertain to love you" refers to the original concerning to Frank's protagonist Jürgen Kolbenreiher and content in general but has its own story / dramaturgy. 
    Main aspect was the uncovering of the more and more self-focused and egocentric thinking taking place in nowadays capitalistic society as well as a kind of solution:
    Be human, love another, independent off what one is economically usefull for your own...be yourself and drop down your mask!
    These aspects as well as the special location and interactivity of the play were visually integrated in the design work.