Gorky Park Icecream

  • Packaging of Gorky Park ice cream

    This ice cream has been a treat inseparable from a walk in the Moscow Gorky Park for decades.
    Its special taste of creamy vanilla and waffle cone became a memory of childhood for several generations,
    and it has remained true to the old-fashioned recipe. 

    The aim to connect the historical value with modern recognition through design was achieved by developing patterns,
    inspired by key symbols of the Park`s life. Each pattern corresponds with one of the six flavours. 

    Art director Misha Gannushkin
    Graphic designer Anastasia Genkina
    Photographer Grigory Sobchenko
    Scenery design & retouching Anastasia Genkina

    European Design Awards 2015 
    Silver Award in Packaging Food & Beverages category