Dresnala - Hanuman

  • Dresanala ( Goddess ) is one of the daughter Batara Brama. Because Arjuna meritorious to the gods by killing King Niwatakawaca, Goddess Dresanala mated to Arjuna in return . their wedding it produced a son whom they named Wisanggeni.
  • For a moment he break down again, and try to remember the origin and cause of the inflamed back.
    With tears in his eyes, Goddess Dresanala muttered,
    "Father ...  .. I'm sorry that this Your daughter does not know devotion  ......"

  • Dresanala continue zipping with very fast followed by Hanuman in tow, until an incident occurs. A chain of lightning escaped from a cloud, the lightning chain quickly grabbed Dresanala body.
    Chain Lightning that beat mercilessly Dresanala body, blow lightning was accompanied by a sudden Dresanala body becomes limp. Dresanala slid down quickly among the clouds,
    Anoman who saw the incident immediately widened eyes, he quickly shot down following a Dresanala body. Once again Anoman caught Dresanala body, he immediately carried the body weak Dresanala. 
    With a light movement Anoman landed on the meadow, he lay down on the grass Dresanala helpless.
  • Hanuman (Sanskrit: Hanuman) or Hanumat, also referred to as Anoman, is one of the gods in the Hindu religious beliefs, as well as the protagonist in the most famous epic Ramayana. He is a white monkey and is the son of Batara Bayu and Anjani, brother of Vali and Sugriva. According to the book Serat Pedhalangan, Hanuman actual figure of the epic Ramayana was the original, but the character development is also sometimes appear in the Mahabharata series, so the cast between the times.