'From Dusk 2 Dawn' Magazine Artwork

  • Hand rendered artwork I created for FD2D Magazine based in Leicester, UK.

    Firstly, I sketched the characters in pencil to get a basic idea of what they would look like and then I scanned the drawings were into Photoshop to clean up any stray lines. After this I edited them using Illustrator whilst adding some colour detail with the Olympic rings in the background and the digital brushstrokes. The idea was to keep as much of the original pencil sketches as possible so there was a mix between hand-drawn elements and digital, something I have enjoyed doing in the past.

    I originally designed the artwork to stretch accross two pages to be more of a background with sweeping green strokes that would lead the eye into the article text. I then decided, after some thought to shrink the artwork so the spread had balance and this worked well. The client liked the artwork and it was published both in print and online.
    Link here to the digital magazine on Issuu's website:

    ( My artwork is featured on page 31 )