Selected Portraits II

  • Selected Portraits II
    Illustrations for magazine & self-initiated project
    Blodeuwedd - The Flower Woman
    A portrait of Blodeuwedd for Oh Comely Magazine.
    Blodeuwedd is the Welsh Goddess of spring created from flowers, and the wife of Lleu, son of Arianrhod.
    Lady Charlotte Guest 
    A portrait of Lady Charlotte Guest for Oh Comely Magazine.
    Editorial illustration for The New Republic Magazine.
    Story is briefly about freezing one's self to awaken in the future, a concept used many times in fiction and how it might be if it were to come to be.
  • Rosy
    Personal work
  • Pink Hair Girl
    Personal work
  • Gazing
    Personal work
  • Untitle
    Personal Work
  • Untitile
    Personal work
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