Maxone Hotel - Sukabumi

  • Illustration for Maxone Hotel
    Sukabumi-West Java

    Started in May 2013 and completed in October 2013. Maxone positions itself as a stylish budget hotel, which shown by its colourful illustration, adapting
    Romero Brito's style. The main themes for Maxone Hotel Sukabumi are
    Jaipong Dance and Gurilap*.
    *Sukabumi is well-known as a town which has various kind of nature sceneries, this is why Sukabumi is also known  as Gurilap town. Gurilap stands for GUnung (mountain), RImba (wood), LAut (sea), and Pantai (beach).
  • Building Exterior and Rooftop Illustration
  • For more information about Maxone Hotels, visit their website here.