Nightmare #Illustration

  • Mood Board for nightmare theme

  • Dreamy (Game Story)

    It was a dark night. I was very happy because I was flying and moving around the stars, moon and angels.
    Then suddenly I felt troubled and I woke up, it was around 2am. Some unknown evil surrounds me and started
    haunting and scaring me. I don’t remember everything... The beasts felt dangerous huge and cloaked in black
    maybe they were nightmares. Each nightmare is slightly different with its own twist of unknown elements and
    capabilities. The nightmare was telling me that you can’t sleep happily in my presence. It’s feels very painful as if it was real. I cannot get away from him nor seek help from anyone as nobody believes me. This makes me feel so disturbed! But I hope there exists some guardian with supernatural powers who can protect me, my sleep and there by my dreams and hopes.

    Game play
    This is 2D puzzle game in which player has to solve every level to protect his dream. Game play is quite simple where you just need to drag and drop the stars and try to cure nightmare. If player succeeds, nightmare changes into an angel or unicorn. Further, new elements will be introduced as the game progresses.
  • Concept Sketch
  • This is the loading screen. So usually it's pretty boring because its takes 45 seconds or one minute and the player has to wait. I believe the loading screen should be dramatic and informative as I have tried here.
  • Controls – Drag and place star near or on the nightmare to change them to nice dreams. Always make sure
    that the star is in path of the nightmare.
  • UI Flow Chart of the Game
  • Look and feel on iPad
  • Character Design and Game Elements
  • Touchable buttons
  • Game icon in 2D and 3D style.